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Why companies seek Generus to enable employee-driven volunteering

Most of us wish we could fit more volunteering into our lives. But matching the causes we care about with current needs around us, and fitting those opportunities into our full schedules is the graveyard where good intentions die. The desire to do good and live purposefully must too often yield to the demands of the work-week.


Or, companies can be generous, bringing the causes and projects to their people, and putting their employees in control of company-sponsored service. That's where Generus comes in. We tap into what your people really care about, and organize activities at times that work for them. We bring the supplies, the balloons, the charity connections, and the sandwich wraps. We even provide leadership training to teach your team how to run a service project, a skill-set with far-reaching professional impact. Our projects satisfy a hunger for connection, purpose, and contribution to something larger than the self. 

Some companies make their employees' lives easier by bringing dry-cleaning or tax prep services into the workplace. Generus companies bring service in. It's a road less traveled for corporate America, but it's the road today's workers want their careers to follow. 

Generus is the missing piece for employers searching for meaningful ways to engage workers, unify teams, and help their associates thrive. And Generus is the missing piece in a hyper-connected yet disconnected workforce longing for purpose, wanting to feel that their efforts don't just crank out widgets, but heal the world. 

Watch Generus in action

Follow one company's journey with Generus toward employee engagement through impactful volunteering. 

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