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Our services exist to help your teams engage in giving meaningful volunteer service to their communities and the wider world.

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Initial Consult and Service Goals Assessment

We begin with a consultation designed to elicit and sharpen your vision and goals for what an ongoing employee-driven volunteer service program could accomplish within your organization, taking into account your unique organizational culture, areas of specific concern, and your target objectives for employee wellness, development, unification, and growth. We produce a proposal for a Generus implementation plan. 

Engagement and Staff Priorities Exploration

Our next step takes the pulse of your workforce's volunteer service values; top issues and causes of social, humanitarian, and/or global concern; interest in volunteerism; key obstacles; and scheduling and location needs. Our precise and customized research instruments elicit a complete picture of the impact your team would like to have upon the world, while our unique position as a third-party partner enables open, candid feedback. 

Leadership Training

Our exploration of staff priorities allows employees to self-select as potential service project leaders and ongoing service group leaders. We schedule and provide a leadership training session with those people designed to improve their planning, communication, facilitation, and execution skills. This training is routinely widely praised by staff and management. Leading a Generus serve project, with a team of Generus staff in the wings providing constant support and reinforcement, is a soft and safe way to practice skills that segue naturally into vital staff development growth. 

Volunteer Service Projects

Now it's time for fun. Based on the priorities and scheduling preferred by your team, Generus works with charities in need to plan and execute memorable volunteer service projects for your staff. We'll handle the invitations and RSVPs in tandem with your trained leader volunteers. Our Generus staff bring cheerful, easygoing, fun and hospitable demeanor to each activity. We source the materials  needed for on-site projects, and we're on hand to facilitate off-site volunteer activities at charities and community events. Afterwards we debrief with your team to gauge what worked, what could've improved, and how well the volunteers perceived their impact for good. 

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