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Danny Ainge on Jamie Larsen:

A born leader, Jamie is one of the smartest, most enthusiastic, and most competent people with whom I have ever worked.


As a volunteer, Jamie led a group of 100 women organized around volunteer work and service. She organized an outreach to local Haitians who lost family members in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake and sent supplies there. Her group also sent sewing machines to entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

I am so appreciative of her ability to make a real difference in people's lives. 

-Danny Ainge, Boston Celtics

Jamie Larsen, Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO Jamie Larsen has always been passionate about community service. She first formed the idea that would become Generus while working to match college-age volunteers with Boston-area charities. Her mission is to help companies engage their workforces, foster deeper relationships, and impact their communities for good through employee-driven volunteering. 

Jamie earned a B.A. in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications from BYU. As an undergraduate, Jamie received the Edwin S. & Abrelia C. Hinckley Scholarship for community service and giving, demonstrating her passion for volunteerism from an early age.  

Jamie is an active volunteer in her own community, serving in her church congregation, on ecumenical councils devoted to meeting human needs, and on committees at schools attended by her children. She's a fitness enthusiast, world traveler, and amateur chef who takes her greatest pride in her marriage to Chuck and in their five kids.  


Joining Our Team

If you love bringing people together, and helping the world through volunteer service, we want to meet you. Visit our Jobs page for more information. 

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