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Make-A-Video Visit 

VideoVisits for Older Adults

Make a pre-recorded 1-3 min video on your phone sharing a memory you have with a grandparent or older adult, teach us how to do something or share something you enjoy. Please, nothing political, religious, or inflammatory. 


See examples or share our Generus YouTube channel:

In the video: 

  • Introduce something about yourself (name is optional).

  • Make sure your phone is horizontal when filming.

  • Once you film your video, CLICK HERE to upload.
    Note: if you film on your phone, you can access this webpage from your phone to upload.   

  • Share your video with friends on your social media.

  • By submitting your video you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Thank you! 

Please email us if you have questions, need documentation for service hours or know of a Senior Facility that would benefit from Video Visits.

Please be sure to fill out the following form. 

The Impact of VideoVisits
How To Make A Video
How To Make An Older Adult Smile

Print or email this flyer to share Video Visits with Older Adults


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