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Jamie Larsen
Founder & CEO
Our founder began connecting college-age volunteers with charities in Boston, Massachusetts. She saw that when people come together around shared community goals, the results go far beyond good deeds - friendships form, mentor/mentee pairings emerge, and networking naturally happens. All the while, the basic human hunger for purpose and a chance to meaningfully contribute is satisfied. 
When Jamie realized that meaningful service is the key to creating purpose and building connections, Generus was born. 
Today, companies engage Generus to identify the causes employees care most about to create and execute custom volunteer projects that form a work culture built on human connection and meaning. 

Our Team

The Generus team brings 40 years of experience in combining Corporate Volunteering, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, our team brings a Positive Psychology approach focusing on human happiness in creating our programs. 

Jamie Larsen

Founder & CEO

Jeff Lucas

CSR Strategist

Diana Valverde

Psychology Analyst

Tanya Rogers

Charity Coordinator

Beth Van Duzer

Business Manager & Accounting 

Jared Bulloch

Technology & IT Architecture

We believe the power to change the world for good comes from businesses uniting employees and company culture around causes employees are personally passionate about.

Our Mission

To create a personalized, concierge approach to volunteer work for employees that brings like minds together and maximizes a triple bottom line impact for companies. 

Our Vision

To inspire companies to unite employees around causes and then follow their lead. 

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Creating volunteer experiences that are personalized and unite employees around the causes and interests they love.

Email: contact@generus.com

Phone: 617-855-9890

Address: Kendall Square

245 First Street, Suite 1800

Cambridge, MA 02142

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